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New Home Construction

If you are ready to build a new home, make the project easy by calling James Smith contracting. Jim and his team have custom built new homes to meet the needs of the individual purchasing the home.

Homes built in the New England area have specific needs, and should be built by a licensed contractor. With over ten years of construction under his belt, Jim is prepared to build with the homeowner in mind.



Have a room that you would love to update? No Problem! James Smith can take on a renovation project of any size.

During tough economic times is may be too difficult to sell, or buy a new home. Renovating can be an excellent solution to this problem.

Contact James Smith Contracting today if you have been thinking seriously about renovating a room, or entire building.



Adding living space to your home will increase both the quality and value of your house.

Many New England homes have incorporated the three season porch as an important area of the home. The three season provides comfort, as well as a place to store the kids snow suits during the winter time.

James Smith can provide you with cost savings ideas for your three season addition.



Why not have the kitchen of your dreams? James Smith Contracting specializes in kitchen makeovers.

Specifically, James Smith contracting is able to build in various styles such as modern or country.

If you kitchen doesn't match your personal taste and style, you need to call Jim today for a free consultation and estimate.



The bathrooms in your home should reflect your sense of style and beauty. Many people in the New England area choose to make the bathroom a place of rest and relaxation

James Smith can put together a variety of his skill and technique to make your bathroom a welcoming, and relaxing room awaiting your arrival.




New Englander's love basements! If your basement looks old, or is only being used to store junk, you need to call James Smith Contracting.

Basements can improve the quality of your living space. Additionally, a finished basement can increase the value of your home by over 20%.

From start to finish, James Smith Contracting can install all of the necessary components to make your basement come alive.


Decks & Patios

If the picture on the left doesn't look relaxing, you should take a closer look. Decks and Patios provide an excellent space for you and the family to spend time outdoors.

Decks are also a simple and cost effective means to adding beauty and value to your home. Jim can not only construct decks and patios to meet your needs, he provides quality advise on maintenance and upkeep of your new addition to the back yard.

Do you have an old deck that needs to be replaced? Call James Smith Contracting today for an estimate on a replacement deck that will meet your needs.


Replacement Windows

Replacement windows not only add beauty to your home, they can also be a great way to save on your energy bill.

From sun light to snow fall, the windows in the New England experience weather all along the spectrum.

Old windows are certain to be causing a decrease in your homes energy efficiency. James Smith offers a free consultation to determine which windows are causing this decrease. In addition, he can make suggestions about the type of windows that will best fit your home.



The siding on your home protects it from the elemetns. Damaged siding can cause long term problems with the underlying construction.

On the other hand, new siding protects from the elements, and adds certain beauty and value to your home.

No siding job is to big, or small for James Smith Contracting.



Did you know the roof on your home has a life expectancy? It's true! Every roof built is only designed and built to last for a specific time frame. When the duration is up, its your responsibility to have a new one installed.

Roofs are built in all shapes and sizes. James Smith Contracting can roof buildings of all dimensions.



Would you like to add instant equity into your home?

According to "Flooring that is scraped, scratched, dull, or water stained can actually decrease the value of your home."



Custom Cabinets

"If you're selling your home soon or planning to do so, rebuilding the cupboards would also increase your home's value and help you find a buyer sooner. Custom cabinets are one of the top features buyers look for in a home because they are assured to be lasting for many years. They can also help modernize and update an old home so that it can compete in a better manner in the competitive housing market." FULL ARTICLE


Built Ins

Built In furniture such has shelves are a convenient, space saving way to add an element of personal touch to your living area.

James Smith Contracting can install Built Ins in existing, or new homes.



Finish Carpentry

Jim Smith has several years of experience with the art of finish carpentry. Many homes today are being build to order by the homeowner, for the homeowner. If you have been thinking about finishing a living area, you can't afford to miss the excellent pricing offered by James Smith Contracting.

James Smith contracting offers services in finish carpentry for both the commercial and residential builder.


Interior Painting

Why put off that interior painting project any longer? Call James Smith Contracting for an estimate today. Jim would be happy to discuss the type and brand of paints that are available and would be best for your particular project.

If the walls in your home have survived over the years after experiencing all of the potential hazards to paint, its probably time to call James Smith.

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